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So I just discovered this weekend the Filipina I have been dating for 17 months has been scamming me. I had my suspicions for the last 8 months that things where not quite right, but kept failing to connect the behaviours & minor inconsistencies. As I kept chalking a lot of it up to cultural differences etc, as it was my first serious attempt at dating a Filipina.

Janesese Rosos aka Xen - scammer
This was an elaborate long running scam involving her whole family who I met on 3 separate trips to Philippines, and who all kept contact with me on Facebook also.
Over this time my total investment in allowances, gifts & other supports to family probably exceeds $30k.
I met Xen R**** on the site Asian Dating.com in 2014, she was using the fake name Anna Tawa which after a brief time chatting she admitted was not her real name & she used for safety reasons. I accepted this as plausible and over the course of 3 months chatting gravitated the most towards her out of the other ladies I had met. So I agreed to fly there in September 2014 to meet her, the first meeting went well & found her company enjoyable & it was decided we would date. There was a funny event in late 2014 where apparently her ex who she told me was sailor had stalked her & stolen her phone. I received a bunch messages from a guy claiming to be a cop & her husband, and threatening me to stay away from her. I accepted this as plausible as I had a stalking ex twice before, but it raised flags.
We had some issues come up around her religion (INC) that bought about a mini-break up , but a trip to Cebu in Jan 2015 seem to sort it out. I also started to send her a small allowance to supplement her salary as she was working very long hours at a popular five star hotel in Cebu & working side jobs to keep up.
I made another trip in October 2015 and there was a lot of issues that came up, but we seemed to solve these & discussions started about an engagement. So I committed to return in February with my mother to have families meet..
Since December 2015 I was sending her a weekly allowance of 7.5k php to live in the province with her son, in order to prepare herself & the child for travel to Australia. As the son had been living all along with her Aunty I felt this was best for them to bond. This amount was supposed to cover her rent at a boarding house as well as all her needs & allow her to give up her job in the city (CEBU). As she was apparently the primary bread winner for the family.
It all started to come undone when I put it to her to visit Australia this month & she acted very hesitant & wanted it to “take time”, I felt instantly put off by this. Then she forgot my birthday this week & an argument ensued, I was contacted by a local source who told me she had been in Cebu city the whole time & not the province. Worse still she arrived just last week with her ex (child’s farther).
I can personally deal with the financial loss & chalk it up up to a learning experience. But the use of her child & the persistent lying about being home in the province with him, as a normal human being I cant fathom?
So I am happy to post a full profile of this women including photos, full name & as much information as I can to make sure she cant scam again.
Amongst the signs I didn’t pick up on.
1/ Insisted on taking cabs everywhere.
2/ Wouldn’t visit malls in Cebu together
3/ Constantly wearing a cap & large glasses when we went out public in the city (hide identity)
4/ Only introduced me to one friend on the first trip there
5/ Increasing financial demands & emergencies.
6/ Very affectionate in written communication but not in person (was always explained away as culture/religon)
Ill also take pointers on other sites to report her on also, as due to her job & online exploits I believe she may have acquired a few foreign men.
A couple of recent photos of Xen below, she is of above average height for a Filipina (around 5’7″) & average build. Birthday 21st October Age 26
James A.

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