Saturday, April 30, 2016

False allegations against Christopher Bennetts by internet stalker.

I have been the target of a known internet troll and Cyber Stalker for a number of years now who has published many false allegations about me, and dozens of other expats in the Philippines. In the past I worked with a number of other expats to get the false allegations removed including the many fake accounts and profiles he uses.

We were successful at getting just about everything removed only to see him rebuild them again on other web addresses. For him it was a game and we all decided to stop playing his game.

Unfortunately some of the allegations have caused me grief and a few days ago they reared their ugly head again when I client came across them. For this reason I have decided to make a couple of videos to put them to rest for good.

In this first video I will deal with the arrest warrant and provide conclusive evidence that the allegation that I am a wanted criminal. I will show that the arrest warrant did exist for a short period in 2009 and that when I found out about it, I dealt with it immediately in a court of law and had the case dismissed.

The nature of the arrest warrant was a simply a vendetta from a vindictive ex-girl friend. The charges related to not paying child support and stalking. My ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend disappeared with my child after I made the first monthly payment of 50,000 pesos. My attempts to locate my child are the basis for the charge of stalking which is laughable.
I am forced to put publish this but do not want to open old wounds with my ex-girlfriend and her partner. I now have a new family, and from what I understand they still together and now living in Thailand.

I think this quote sums up much of our previous experience:
“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”


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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Understanding this word will help you avoid problems in the Philippines

Making Palasut

Many Filipino words simply cannot be translated into an equivalent in English, and often have a cultural construct that also needs to be taken into account. Without understanding the cultural construct the real meaning will always be illusive.
Palasut is one such word. Look up the translation in a dictionary and you will see that it means excuse. That is the basic meaning, but palasut is used in a unique cultural context that does not exist in our western cultures.
The closest equivalent is “bullshit excuse” but even then its not a perfect fit. It is a lie where both parties know it is untrue but there is an unwritten rule that neither party will acknowledge it’s a lie. To do so would be considered rude and result in a loss of hiya (another word that needs a much longer explanation, but for now we will just call it pride) which is an unbearable situation for any Filipino.
One thing you will almost never hear is a Filipino admitting to being wrong. To make a mistake, fail at something or even not know something will all cause a loss of hiya. This is why there must be a palasut.
The excuse can seem incredibly silly in our minds, but for Filipinos it’s understood that everybody should be given a way out to avoid loss of hiya.
It is considered extremely insulting to confront the “maker” of the palusot about their untruthfulness. In fact, the polite thing to do is to sympathize with their situation and offer your sympathy. To call a Pinoy out of their untruthfulness can be considered an extreme insult.

How should foreigners deal with a palasut?

There are times when you need to call out a palasut but usually it is better to pretend to accept it and then come back from a different angle still making it clear (but unspoken) that you really don’t believe it, but not directly challenging it.
If you must call a Filipino out on their palasut, you should avoid challenging a palasut in the presence of others. To publicly challenge a palasut publicly will result in a loss of hiya and that then requires a response and this is where things can get nasty.
If the loss of hiya is unbearable the will be forced to respond. With employees this will usually means resigning, but depending on how serious they feel they have been insulted they might seek some type of revenge to restore their hiya.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016



So I just discovered this weekend the Filipina I have been dating for 17 months has been scamming me. I had my suspicions for the last 8 months that things where not quite right, but kept failing to connect the behaviours & minor inconsistencies. As I kept chalking a lot of it up to cultural differences etc, as it was my first serious attempt at dating a Filipina.

Janesese Rosos aka Xen - scammer
This was an elaborate long running scam involving her whole family who I met on 3 separate trips to Philippines, and who all kept contact with me on Facebook also.
Over this time my total investment in allowances, gifts & other supports to family probably exceeds $30k.
I met Xen R**** on the site Asian in 2014, she was using the fake name Anna Tawa which after a brief time chatting she admitted was not her real name & she used for safety reasons. I accepted this as plausible and over the course of 3 months chatting gravitated the most towards her out of the other ladies I had met. So I agreed to fly there in September 2014 to meet her, the first meeting went well & found her company enjoyable & it was decided we would date. There was a funny event in late 2014 where apparently her ex who she told me was sailor had stalked her & stolen her phone. I received a bunch messages from a guy claiming to be a cop & her husband, and threatening me to stay away from her. I accepted this as plausible as I had a stalking ex twice before, but it raised flags.
We had some issues come up around her religion (INC) that bought about a mini-break up , but a trip to Cebu in Jan 2015 seem to sort it out. I also started to send her a small allowance to supplement her salary as she was working very long hours at a popular five star hotel in Cebu & working side jobs to keep up.
I made another trip in October 2015 and there was a lot of issues that came up, but we seemed to solve these & discussions started about an engagement. So I committed to return in February with my mother to have families meet..
Since December 2015 I was sending her a weekly allowance of 7.5k php to live in the province with her son, in order to prepare herself & the child for travel to Australia. As the son had been living all along with her Aunty I felt this was best for them to bond. This amount was supposed to cover her rent at a boarding house as well as all her needs & allow her to give up her job in the city (CEBU). As she was apparently the primary bread winner for the family.
It all started to come undone when I put it to her to visit Australia this month & she acted very hesitant & wanted it to “take time”, I felt instantly put off by this. Then she forgot my birthday this week & an argument ensued, I was contacted by a local source who told me she had been in Cebu city the whole time & not the province. Worse still she arrived just last week with her ex (child’s farther).
I can personally deal with the financial loss & chalk it up up to a learning experience. But the use of her child & the persistent lying about being home in the province with him, as a normal human being I cant fathom?
So I am happy to post a full profile of this women including photos, full name & as much information as I can to make sure she cant scam again.
Amongst the signs I didn’t pick up on.
1/ Insisted on taking cabs everywhere.
2/ Wouldn’t visit malls in Cebu together
3/ Constantly wearing a cap & large glasses when we went out public in the city (hide identity)
4/ Only introduced me to one friend on the first trip there
5/ Increasing financial demands & emergencies.
6/ Very affectionate in written communication but not in person (was always explained away as culture/religon)
Ill also take pointers on other sites to report her on also, as due to her job & online exploits I believe she may have acquired a few foreign men.
A couple of recent photos of Xen below, she is of above average height for a Filipina (around 5’7″) & average build. Birthday 21st October Age 26
James A.